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As the cost of racing continues to escalate, sponsorship becomes more important. One of the founding tenets of racing is "Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?" The rapid escalation of speed in recent years has been exceeded only by the even more rapid escalation of costs. As a result, the need for sponsorship in motorsports is now greater than ever. While speed and costs have been rising, the competition for sponsorship has grown even faster. The ability to have a professionally-prepared, concise sponsorship presentation can mean the difference between winning and losing the sponsorship race. This is why most professional teams employ a full-time publicist.
However, it is not economically feasible for many teams to employ a full--or even part--time publicist. Rise Sales has found a way to help racing teams bridge the gap between need and cost effectiveness with their new Star Proposal System. Factual background information provided by the team, combined with Rise Sales' expertise, allows Rise to produce a professionally-prepared, bound, 12-page display book outlining the reasons why your team is the right choice to fulfill a particular sponsor's marketing needs. The cost is just $995.00 and satisfaction is guaranteed.
These new proposals are designed to go one step beyond the self-help sponsorship books currently on the market. "I've found that some of those books are an excellent help in understanding the mechanics of sponsorship. However, a typical racer is still going to need assistance in producing a winning presentation," said Jim Luikens, Rise Sales founder. "By maintaining complete control over the proposal creation process, Rise Sales is able to guarantee that the proposal is properly executed."
Preparation and persistence are the keys to sponsorship. Just ask T/AD driver Bill Reichert of Reichert Racing. Bar's Leaks, Reichert's major sponsor, was the fifth company we targeted for sponsorship. Reichert's car, trailer and team uniforms now bear the Bar's Leaks logo and colors and he has what every racer dreams of... Major Sponsorship. We can achieve the same results for your team that we have for Bill and many others.
You can win the Sponsorship Race if you start today. Please see below for our pricing.
We look forward to being of service to you.
Rise Sales
Star Proposal System Price List
Sponsorship Presentation Books Cost
First 12-Page Proposal Book
(Includes composition, typesetting & layout and PDF File)
Duplicate Proposal Book $49.50/ea
Altered Proposal Book $79.50
Four Page Mini-Proposal (Includes Original and 50 Copies) $525.00
Four Page Product Request Proposal (Includes 50 Copies)
(When extracted from 12 Page Star proposal)
Optional Laser Foil Cover $29.50/ea
198 Page Sponsorship Manual $95.00
215 Page Marketing Concepts Manual $95.00
Race Car Renderings Cost
Black Marker Outline of Vehicle $295.00/ea
Graphic Layout $95.00/ea
First Rendering Total $390.00
Any Additional Renderings $95.00/ea
Cost /Hour
General Office $45.00
General Labor
Typesetting $60.00
Layout $90.00
Creative $90.00
Illustration $100.00
Consulting/Business Planning/Account Management $95.00
Day Rate $450.00/day
Other Services
Commission Rate for Full Service Clients
Weekly or Monthly Newsletter - Original Concept
Weekly or Monthly Newsletter - Master Copy
(Includes composition, typesetting & layout)
Press Release - Master Copy $95.00
Newsletter or Press Release Distribution By Quote
Travel Expenses Direct Cost
Any Other Service Custom Quote